New Music A.I Extension (Free):


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75% of players pause background music within games, mostly because of repetitiveness!

Jukebox V1 is a web service that allows devs to stream music to their players, based on the players music taste. Our closed beta currently is currently only for unity, but if we get enough interest on this forum we will also add support for stencyl devs too!

Jukebox V2 will then add a monetization element, where developers can be paid per music stream. Release should be Q4 this year.

Our aim is to create an a.i radio that can enhance gameplay for players, increase player retention and add a new revenue stream for game developers.

Here’s the link, if you’re interested in signing up!


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This sounds great, i’d love to use this.


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This seems cool! :)
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Good idea. I think a lot of us could benefit from something like this.

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