underwater effect. shaders?


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I have made with stencyl a game set in a submarine at the bottom of the sea.
Although I consider it finished, I am thinking of adding an effect to look like the inside of the water. I have seen that it can be done are the shaders as indicated at http://www.stencyl.com/help/view/shaders, but I am trying and there is no way.
Is there a simpler way to make the effect or some place where it is better explained how to apply the water shader ?.
Thank you very much.

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I haven't used shaders myself, but an underwater effect will be achievable. However,  Flash doesn't support the use of shaders. They will work on desktop.
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I thought it was me who did it wrong and what really happens is that it does not work in flash !. then I'm going to look for another way to create the effect. Thank you so much for the reply.


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I could see you maybe creating a water like background; as well as, creating some water wave like actors and utilizing tweening to give them an under-water like "pulse" effect. Good luck!