Can i have more than 1 android certificate?


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Hello, lets say that i have my apps but im making an app for another person and he has his own Playstore account, can i have more than 1 android certificate + key on my computer with different google accounts and use it for his game? would that mess things up? thanks.


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Make sure you dont overwrite the keystore you already have! And back it up.. you can use more than 1.  You need to use it to update your apps... im sure you know this part already :D. Just select where you save it on your pc in settings in stencyl..


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Thanks a lot Squeeb.


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What can I do to release an app on Android store for android version 3 or above. I may be wrong (I usually am) but it looks like I can only create games for Android on version 7 or above. Seems a bit odd as when I create an Android game on stencyl (which works), play store then throws up an error, saying that it doesn’t accept this for version 3 or 4. Weird.

Here is the error
"You uploaded an APK with an invalid signature (learn more about signing). Error from apksigner: ERROR (Jar signer CERT.DSA): JAR signature META-INF/CERT.DSA uses digest algorithm SHA-256 and signature algorithm SHA-256 with DSA which is not supported on API Level(s) 19-20 for which this APK is being verified"