Fidget Spinner Tycoon [Flash/HTML5]


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Play the game here and rate 5 stars please!!

About The Game:
Fidget Spinner Clicker is an addicting and rewarding game that is based on the extremely popular genre “Idle Clicker”. The game features dozens of new spinners for the player to explore and unlock; each spinner offering a new and unique look to the game. In this game, you start with a regular fidget spinner, the toy so many children and teenagers love. You progress through the game by spinning the fidget, unlocking new ones, and essentially building your economy.

You passively earn money based on the amount of fidget spinners you own!

Click on the fidget to get money
Passively earn income based on the amount of fidget spinners you have
Use your abilities for faster income
Unlock all fidgets!

Game Dev Process:
When fidget spinners were really popular, I remember buying a couple and became addicted to fidget spinners. Thus, I wanted to make a game about Fidget Spinners. Right now, I have a sitelock deal with Y8 for the game and the game is currently playable on Kongregate (please rate 5 stars thanks!)