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I recently started a small project so I could get a really good feel for Stencyl. It’s going to be a flash game about the bs that is drivers ed. During the game you be constantly critiqued for every mistake you make whether that be being in the wrong lane or not parallel parking properly. The game will also include some low quality 3D videos along with an obnoxious looping soundtrack. I’m also considering adding segments where you do worksheets. Thoughts? Thank you.


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My driver's ed used these "simulations" that were really just videos. You had to make the correct inputs to steering, pedals, etc., to match the video. If you didn't make the correct input, a little light illuminated to tell you (and the instructor) that you made a mistake. In that regard, "gameplay" was a lot like Dragon's Lair, and that game did well. Somehow I don't think the idea has aged very well, though. So don't make your game like that.

I actually don't think it's a great idea. As annoying as the instruction can be, one mistake really can be serious. Just earlier this year there was a kid in my town who was driving to work down a quiet country highway. He crossed the median line (maybe looking at his phone? Speeding? I don't know) and into the path of a semi. The semi drove over his car and ripped it in half. He obviously didn't survive. I think the semi driver lived, though, although the semi itself caught fire so that driver is very lucky.

Also, last April someone ran a stop sign and drove into my house :o

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“As annoying as the instructors can be” I think my big problem with instructor is that he was constantly putting me down about every mistake which got me nervous.