W.I.P Project : Galaxiconia


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Looking good! Keep it up!


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Been drawing up some mock-ups for what would be the new weapon selection UI. Prolly gonna lurk around the forum to see how to implement them into the game. Which one is the best among the three in your opinion?
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I like the first one best, although the text is blurry. I don't think the font in #3 is a good choice. It's hard to read. A bit more spacing between the letters would help.


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Depends a bit on how much weapons you want to add. You should have a good idea because this affects your UI and UX.

Visually i like the second best because it has this Shmup Amiga vibe i personally like. It feels haptic and feels like i am choosing/installing a weapon system and not just "browsing" it.
The textfield is obviously too small though.

You could also show the player ship and the weapon attached to it shooting, instead or additionally of showing text.


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Added a new HUD feature where XP progress for weapons to level up.
I wanted it to go from down to up but this works I guess.

For down to up, couldn't you negate the value for y?
Could also start with the highest value and work its way down.
Looking good all the same.