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is there a way i can make gamemodes like capture the flag or king of the hill please


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There are several different ways you can do this such as using different scenes, using booleans to configure modes or behavior. So in short, yes, there is a way. Exactly how you accomplish it will depend on what kind of game you're working on.

If you need a more detailed answer then please share some details with us: What are you working on? Where are you stuck? Do you have anything already done?


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i want a 2d game  like tf2 and the modes i had in mind were capture the flag and king of the hill


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Yes, it's certainly possible. Multiplayer games will always be more difficult to make because you'll be dealing with servers to replay data in realtime. Having one player vs CPU would be easier to achieve, but still a complex project.

If this is your first game, I suggest that you start small, working on the type of mechanics you need, and work up towards your main project.
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