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I have pinch to zoom close.. id like to make it open source so we can collectively work on it and make pinch to zoom available to everyone here... i dont have enough time to work out the last kinks..
Ill post my stencyl file in the morning after i get the unnecessary  the code deleted. 
id like to make this a behavior, or have it easily integrated into other projects.
Please let me know who wants to help!! and any questions you may have.

Ill keep a bug list and a best stencyl build in the second post of this thread for others to try as well as help fix.. feel free to post here on what youre working on and post or send me your stencyl files and ill keep it up to date

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Pinch to Zoom Current Build 8/7/18

Zooming below 1
Prevent joystick  zoom
Prevent Text from  zoom

Sometimes the zoom bounces in and out. << first problem to fix
Figure out how to set positions with zoom involved... i left in some drawing on images code.. it seems to move where youre drawing with the zoom level as well as camera position...
Tiles zoom?
backgrounds dont tile correctly

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Extensions used.  Tracing Motions
it may ask for color utilis and easy math.. i dont think i used those
updated 2nd post with the build.. try it and make sure there arent any missing extensions


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*crickets!! haha jk...

today i learned that setting anchored positions by screen width/height need to be set at zoom 1.... if the engine zoom is less or more... itll set the position of the screen incorrectly.. the screen size number will change with zoom..  i may multiply by zoom and see if that works later on.... and to set something to center y of the screen you have to take screen height/width x Zoom /2
 here is the fix so far,.i havent added it to the build.. since 0 dls :p


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Thank you so much Squeeb