[Solved!]Can't test my game?


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I am new to Stencyl and I was trying out TheIndieStation's basic RPG tutorial. I downloaded the kit, made the actor behavior, assigned the behavior to Character_1, and got up to the point of placing character_1 in the scene. When I when to test the game it said that there was an error in building my game. Attached is my log. I've been updating/clearing files from my computer recently. Do I not have something downloaded/updated? Thank you for any help in advance! 

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[haxelib] Error: The input swf newgrounds.swf is corrupted
Most likely it's the issue a few others have reported with the latest Mac OS (or some flavors of Linux), Stencyl 3.4, and Flash. A temporary solution would be to downgrade Mac OS. If you're a subscriber you can access Stencyl 3.5... or wait for it to become public.

Ultimately, this only affects Flash. You can still test your game in the other platforms. Pick desktop or HTML5 (or mobile if appropriate) to test your game. If your final goal is to develop a desktop game then you should be testing it as desktop anyway.


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Thank you so much!