Openfl (and Stencyl) now supports Nintendo Switch.


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Hello everyone,

Great news! Openfl now supports Nintendo Switch backend.


1) Sounds great! I'm a Nintendo approved developer, where can I get access?

Go onto the Nintendo devleoper portal, go to the middleware site. There's a section for OpenFL. Devs plug their emails in there and Lars (Openfl dev) gets a 3rd-party confirmation from Nintendo that developer is approved. Lars gets the notice the same day and can give credentials as soon as he sees the notice.

2) I use Stencyl, and I'm a Nintendo approved developer, where can I get access?
The deal is, if any of our users can get approved as a Switch developer, we can then work with them to do anything needed to get that game running on the Switch.

3) For those who are not Nintendo approved developers, do they need to go through a Nintendo portal to get access?

The way we distribute the backend itself is just a private github repo, but we do need official confirmation from Nintendo that the developer is approved first. They are unbelievably strict about this, because they're Nintendo.

Anyone interested  can DM Lars Doucet on twitter @larsiusprime.
You can also contact Stencyl.

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