New Free Characters and Animations


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Working on Free Characters and Animations for Everyone.
Will have a " Characters / Animation Request Box " on the website when I get it all together.
This is just the scratching of the surface. Please let me know if I should continue or if ti is a waste of time.
         ( is anyone not seeing the Flash/swf?)
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It would appear as though no one is interested.
Don't know weather of not to continue...


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The swf doesn't seem to work, which is a shame because I'd love to see your characters+animations.
Hiss hiss


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They do look amazing! maybe if you polish some of the actions, so don't look so robot  :3


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I'm trying to see it also, it doesn't appear to be working for me. I tried 3 different browsers to make sure it wasn't just chrome.

Chrome, Edge, and Firefox all failed for me. I'm interested in seeing though!

Edit: After I posted this, it just appeared mid animation on Edge. So it may have been my computer after all.

They all look super clean and fluid though, Definitely something worth using for prototyping