"Racing game using pseudo 3D canvas"... How to make a pseudo 3D racing game?


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Hello guys

http://community.stencyl.com/index.php/topic,51883.15.html    that´s very cool man!

Very bealtifull effect!
That´s perfect to cutscenes tittles or game tittle etc...

I will try to modify to roads now...

Thank you very much...

Soon I will to talk about it with you, tell my results  :D


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Hi, Squeeb...

Sledding. stencyl file and Bezier Curves extension are awesome!

I think that will be very usefull.



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Awesome!  Have you made any progress?


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Yeah I'm trying to make a 3D extension.
There is no racing game in the pipeline. And you have to wait before Stencyl 3.5 becomes final if you want to work with the extension.

Ahh it'll be like the late 1990s all over again!


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Hi Squeeb...

After this long time (I was very busy with my job, my stencyl projects are stopped).

But sometimes I've been looking for something about pseudo 3D and found very interesting examples, some of these examples contain tutorials including files in links.

Please read and watch!

Godot - Pseudo 3D race:
Game Maker: Racing game  Pseudo 3D - Part1

Game Maker: Racing game  Pseudo 3D - Part2
Code-It-Yourself! Retro Arcade Racing Game - Programming from Scratch (Quick and Simple C++)
Visual Studio- Let's make 16 games in C++: Outrun (Pseudo 3d racing)
You can also to download this kit from video description...
Construct 2 - Top Gear Style:
File from Anna Nehves

Tutorial from her in these videos...
Part4 (final)

This awesome and complete game (awesome competitive cars) :
Max Downforce pseudo 3d racing game W.I.P. 2019-06-15 from Robbert Prins http://www.foppygames.nl/...

"Max Downforce is a formula one racing game under development. The goal of the game is to finish each of a number of laps before a timer reaches zero."
Tools used: Lua and LÖVE (Love2d); Notepad++ ; Paint dot net; Audacity; TortoiseGit and GitHub
Video Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlIsZsH5V_I
File: https://github.com/Foppygames/max-downforce
And this last one is the best for me, it is more complete, just because it contains: Intro level, Mode Select, straight and curved roads, up and down, S-shaped curves, awesome opponents etc...

Grand Prix from Robbert Prins http://www.foppygames.nl/...
Video Demo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkSkXLZLu6I
File Link:  https://gamejolt.com/games/grand_prix/16880
Tools used: BlitzMax

Grand Prix is a racing game inspired by Pole Position and other racing games from the previous century. In Grand Prix, the ultimate goal is to try and complete 8 laps, winning the gold cup. This is quite a challenge, with the clock ticking down and opponent cars getting in the way. The car is controlled using the arrow keys. The music in this game is by coda (http://coda.s3m.us). Source code (Blitz Max) is included.

PS .: I was able to reproduce some things like creating straight and curved animated roads. Trying to do reverse engineering... Like this:

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Wow!  Great job.  Any chance you'll share a stencyl project with a prototype?  :)


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But I need support, somebody help me... sugestions from a stencyl group

We can make a group to make this "reverse engineering", there are similar features between Stencyl and these other game engines (including IDE).

I cant understand some features from those programs... The problem is logically assembling everything to make it work inside stencyl. :'(

Look the image below.

Each line (wich hight is 1 pixel) is a actor because it is possible to determine the object center (x center, y center), but on those game examples and tutorials, the road is a group of lines or rectangles (draw blocks) that can move through coordinates.

I try to do like this but something goes wrong. If I use an actor for the road lines curves works fine but something goes right on the last test, look second and third images below... the road (momentarily for the test) moves and make curves following mousepad position. Do you got it?

View scene, window, camera... is 480x320.

1600 pixels is the hight scene, hight level (road size), if the player and opponents ends the road (0 y coordenate) loop the actors positions to the bottom position secne, because field of view is a visual illusion (it is just blocks working tweening-scale-grow actor and drawing-widht rectangles in Stencyl). Actually the road lines are vertically stopped in the scene only cars are run to the top of scene. If loops positions 3 or 5 times (laps) the race is done!

Thats it for now!

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Lemme know what you need help with or if you have a stencyl  file started that we can work together on