Easiest way of making entire game smaller?


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So, a game I am working on fits on my screen, but I learned after finishing the first version that it is too tall for most screens. So, I need to make it smaller. Problem is, everything in the game is designed to work at a specific size. So, I will probably need to reduce all the font sizes, resize all the UI assets, all the actors, the game window, coordinates being used, and so many other factors that it would likely take as long to rescale everything as making the entire first version took to build in the first place.

I am wondering though, is there anything I could do that might make this process easier?


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i never tried (downscaling) but you could use fullscreen scaling.
Other then that i afraid you will have to touch your assets and code (to my knowledge).

To make it abit easier in the future:
Always try not to work with coordinates for UI for example but with something like "create UI at width of screen/2 - width of UI/2" for example.