Adding Written Dialogue Before Game Start


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I am creating a game for my girlfriend's birthday and would like to have the main character appear before the game start and have written dialog appear with instructions. I would also like to add that in after she completes a level. I tried searching the tutorials but couldn't find anything just yet. Can anyone point me in the right direction to a tutorial on how to add that in? Thanks!


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Have you done the crash course yet? That touches on adding text.
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Steal an extension
or don't steal it is with any difference?

or you seems like that you have time to
wait people make extension for your girlfriend's birthday
is something funny as hell.

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No need to get hostile. The previous post may not have had any ill will behind it.

It looks like my server has been down for a while. I've gone ahead and put it back online again. You should be able to grab the 3.4 versions of the dialog extension, if you want, by following these links.,54582.0.html

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