How to play sounds when pausing/unpausing


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Thanks to Epic's article in my upcoming game I have custom pause screen now. But that's not enough for me. I'd like to know how to play sounds when game is pausing and unpausing (I want to play two different sounds for it).

So how to do it? I'd like to achieve similar thing as Nintendo did with original Super Mario Bros.

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You could check for a press of the "P" key and play a sound.  Just use a boolean to keep track of whether or not the game is paused, if you want two different sounds.


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Keep in mind that clicking outside of the window will pause it by default unless you've disabled that - which means that you could end up with the sounds playing at the wrong times that way.
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Your best bet would be to embed a sound the same way as you did custom sprites. Then you can use in the pause screen. That would at least work for when the pause screen displays. When it is killed, that is a different story.

Maybe later this week I will take a look into it a little further to see how the pause screen is created and destroyed. That will tell me the best way to add a sound to it.
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