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Top 9 Games like Vainglory 

Vainglory is one of the best MOBA games for Smartphones, especially on the iOS platform. In order to make the player satisfied from almost every angle, the game lets you enjoy a truly remarkable and fun-filled fluid gameplay. Vainglory then gives you a perfect brilliant Strategy with a fantastic MOBA experience and plenty of depth in the core gameplay.


Every match in the game has only 20 minutes with multiple tasks in 3v3 battles that occur on a One-Lane Map. And the One Lane environment is a special environment that actually helps the gameplay more exciting and action-focused at the same time. In the One-Lane Map, the player can dive into the battles with lots of neutral monsters, slays them to earn Gold and improves his Creeps to unleash your might over the powerful Kraken and defeat it.

Vainglory will follow the concept of Capture and Hold. And that concept helps capture two mines at a time to gather the resources and use them to defeat the Kraken to win the game. During this game, the Kraken demolishes the Lane path and destroys every tower in the way. Then the towers must be robust enough to hold the attacks or else you'll lose the game to stop the bad attack from Kraken.

Take time to enjoy a list of Top 9 Games like Vainglory. They will never make you feel disappointed. Thus, let’s join us to see what’s inside below!

The first game in the Top 9 Games like Vainglory is AirMech. This is an amazing, free RTS, MOBA game developed by Carbon Games which allows players to pilot huge robots, be part of a team and engage themselves in epic battles.


AirMech is known as an action-packed game that focuses on the strategies as it offers air born fights and ground combats with the use of sophisticated weaponry and many strategically managements in placing your units. And as a player, your main task is to withstand the enemies’ attacks by any cost and defeat them by building your strong base with well-equipped armies as well as many more AirMech unites.

2. Magicka
The second game in the Top 9 Games like Vainglory is Magicka. The game is created by Arrowhead Game Studios which is an action, adventure, hack, and slash, with a wonderful fantasy virtual world. The game has three different modes for you to completely enjoy the amazing gameplay. You will play as a single player and you have other option to play as online cooperative players up to four players.


The game will then allow you to struggle and get the rewards related to those struggles against the opponents. In the game, you have to use some special magical spells to have a complete control of the game to get rid of all your enemies with the power of your magical skills. You will use different weapons at same the time while using magical spells. This game has a superb action, RPG, adventure, and Hack and Slash video game to play and enjoy.

Discover More Here: http://www.scoop.it/t/games-like-finder

3. Magicka 2
The third game in the Top 9 Games like Vainglory is Magicka 2. The game is made by Pieces Interactive which is a wonderful action-RPG and “hack and slash” game. You will play as the single player and you have other option to play as online cooperative players. In the game, you are provided some special magic skills to use and have full control of the game to eliminate all your opponents with the special strength of your skills.

Magicka 2

These visuals are improved to a very high level and some extra skills are added to your character. And it is equipped with more strength and abilities to give you more advanced magical spells in different combats. With the excellent storyline, superb mechanics, improved visuals, and exciting gameplay, this is the best game to play and enjoy. You will be on the right move if you are thinking to play and enjoy this splendid game.

4. Magicka: Wizard Wars
The next game in the Top 9 Games like Vainglory is Magicka: Wizard Wars. The game is made by Paradox Interactive which is an action, MOBA and strategy video game. The fast-paced game is all about the use of magic, combat, and strategy and provides a unique spelling system dominated game more attractive.

Magicka: Wizard Wars

The game then allows you to choose and customize characters your wizard and select the skills you think are the best on the character and appearance of your participation in the struggle monumental and against opponents by use magic, skill, and your special weapon. In addition, you need to make the best strategies to engage your enemy and embrace victory over the hardest to of rivals the world has ever seen.

This game has some interesting tasks, PvP, and PvE, dual mode, mode collect souls, challenging NPCs, battle ferocious monsters and addictive games, this is the video game MOBA interesting to play and enjoy. 

5. Heroes of the Storm
The fifth game in the Top 9 Games like Vainglory is Heroes of the Storm. The game is developed by the brilliant company of Blizzard, Heroes of the Storm guarantees to make itself a top-notch Multiplayer Online Battle Arena type of game. And despite being a different genre from Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm still offers players hours of entertaining and exciting gameplay with its huge varieties of both champion designs alongside with unique skills.

Heroes of the Storm

Surrounding online 5 versus 5 matches with champions from alternative game universes, Heroes of the Storm is usually refers as an exotic brawler. In addition, the game offers players a range of different classes to determine their playstyles such as Warriors, Assassins, etc. You will always do side tasks to make things a bit more interesting but your main goal as a player is to always fulfill your tasks and destroy all the enemies.

6. Nosgoth
The following game in the Top 9 Games like Vainglory is Nosgoth. It is a free-to-play, MOBA, Action and Adventure game. It mixes prominent elements of PvP Combat and 4 v4 fights between humans and vampires. Several types of vampires and humans are available with various roles, so what you need to do when starting the game is to pick one side and a character. And both teams have different capabilities, as vampires rely on surprise and confusing attacks while humans are more weapon-based.


The player will have the ability to flexibly use his weapons according to the circumstances and characters themselves, and it is probably one of the most noticeable features of Nosgoth. While playing this game, you will be engaged in the epic and intense Arena-based fights, using a wide range of melee combats, weapons, and strategies.

The seventh game in the Top 9 Games like Vainglory is Smite. It is developed by Hi-Rez Studios which provided an attraction features Third-person Action and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game-play.


The game then allows the online player to join in Arena combat events, earn powers and use them to advance tactics to fight against your enemies or NPCs etc., enjoy being part of a marvelous entranced game world. In addition, Smite has multiple interesting game modes, team battles, large game-world, similarly equipped enemies, DLC, the best visuals and an immersive video game that makes it be an excellent game to enjoy. Moreover, the player can team up with 3 or 5 other players to combat.

More info here: https://ok.ru/coolgameslike

8.Atlas Reactor
The next game in the Top 9 Games like Vainglory is Atlas Reactor. This is equipped with a Turn Strategy and MOBA modes in which are an excellent PvP experience that offers many rooms for character chosen and customizes and takes you to control almost all effectively. The game then refers to the major characters like Freelancers and provides astonishing 2v2 and 6v6 competition.

Atlas Reactor

Besides that, Atlas Reactor has the thrilling champion-driven video gameplay; it equipped 5 exclusive abilities for character and maintains the customization selection available until the end of the game. The player will modify the character’s appearance, abilities, and skills and put them into many powerful ones to combat to the enemies.

The last game in the Top 9 Games like Vainglory is Gigantic. The game is published by Perfect World Entertainment and created by Motiga, which is an Entertaining, Free-to-play, Action, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game.


This game will require you to fight against the other teams by destroying the defender of that teams and protecting your guardians. The game concludes a lot of character classes that you can select base on their unique abilities, skills and special powers. And note that each character has different strengths and weaknesses, and you need to understand them. 

Final Verdict:
The list of Top 9 Games like Vainglory can call your attraction from the first login screen, try all of them now. But, if it is not enough for you, let’s head to https://coolgameslike.com to find out more information.

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