Demon Shooter


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Space to shoot
W or up to aim high
S or down to aim low

The gameplay is mostly finished, and it gives a fair representation of what I want the final project to look like.
If you could try it out for me, and let me know what you think of it, if you find it engaging, if there are mechanics I should add or remove, or if you find any bugs, I'd be very grateful.  :)

I want to emphasize, that I'm currently focusing on the coding and mechanics. So please refrain from judging the game too harshly based on the art and sounds effects.


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It's fun to play, and the controls are simple and respond well. My criticism is that it's very difficult to collect hearts and shoot the enemies. Especially as your bullets die on impact with hearts and that getting hit resets the counter.
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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I agree!
Maybe letting the player shoot multiple projectiles is a solution.