Additional Pricing Options?


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Me and a cousins are planning on creating an indie game.

I want to purchase the Indie Edition because of it’s benefits, however I don’t think I can afford to do so.

Are there any other payment options? Maybe like monthy or weekly payments?



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At the moment it's just what you see available. The good thing about stencyl though is that you can use it fully without having to pay, it's just that some export options won't be available. So you can start making your game, save up money, and buy when you're ready.
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If this is the very first game you are making, make it very small. Create something similar you have in mind, but minimize it so you can finish it within just a week. It could be a short working demo of a single level,  but it should be properly balanced.

You'll probably end up working on that tiny game for more than a week, but don't worry. If you manage to create a fully functional mini game within a month, put it out there and get feedback. Based on the feedback and the time spent making it, you will make you original idea much better. You will also become aware of the time you will need to invest in order to create it. is a nice Extra Credits episode that covers this nicely (followed by even more great episodes with game dev advises).