This has a big roll to my game. Interaction with sprites.


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Okay this is what I need help with. I need help with interaction, Ex. My playable player touches a car, and turns into a car, like morphing in away, but the human that's playing thinks they went in a car. That what I need help, okay before you say anything I don't want to switch scenes. So hard to explain, I wan't my player to turn into the sprite it just touched or interacted with. But I DON'T want a button to press to switch I want my player to morph into what it just touched. By the way i'm making a "GTA" sort of game, it's not like the game, its more like a sandbox or mess around for now but i'm progressing to make a story line for the game. Oh I forgot the name is "Faulty City." Planning to publish it on, maybe steam, etc. Also I want to know how to zoom in onto the scene. So I just want my scene to be zoomed in on, and I want the player to be followed. Any suggestions, please respond, I need help with both things I just talked about. -JumpierStudio's


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Basically, have an movement actor behavior. When you touch the car, disable the movement behavior on the character and enable it on the car.