Donut Cannon- Four years after starting


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I've started a lot of projects over the years that I never finished even though I liked a lot of them. I finally decided to go back and finish up a game I started almost 4 years ago. After a few weeks of polishing, it is ready for release!  It's a puzzle platformer about a donut that is also a cannon.

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Congratulations to this very nice game!
I enjoyed it and will play further.

Small feedback:
  • Remoce the "press R" wehn you die and let me play again right away
  • The collisions are sometimes a bit off (i had the impression) and i could not jump on a platfrom right away but landed at the corner somehow



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Thanks for the feedback! That's a really good point about having it just automatically reload, will push that update!

Collisions are definitely a little off, I might try tweaking them more, but I ended up having to settle with some weird collisions based on the way I was handling layering.

Thanks again!
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