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Could this be the correct way to post log? I have no idea.


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For upload of logs use:

Tell us what you are trying to do.

Tell us what you tried before.

Tell us what does work and doesn't work.

General observations where I don't say it is the fault, but to keep an eye out for:

* don't use game names with spaces in them (File : Export : NonSpacedName  and File : Import : NonSpacedName
* Use Clear project every now and then
* Run to HTML5 and see if the game works, then onto other platforms
* Flash target doesn't work on newer Mac OSX
* Be wary of newer XCode versions on Mac as 3.4 is two years old and made for previous versions
* Don't use ads (unless that is the issue, but then you need to be clear about using them)

Once you generated the ZIP file with the logs after you did a clear project there is hopefully more.
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