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When killed, my enemy characters explode in tiny pixels that quickly disappear. I was happy with this approach since it doesn’t look violent at all. Exploding animation is made using images API and while it is using very little resources, it might affect FPS on weaker systems. It is because often there are 100 actors moving around the screen doing their stuff.
I was thinking to replace this exploding calculations with manually animation of dying sequence in 5-6 frames. I think it would help the performance and improve the visual appeal of the game. Only thing is that this way killing becomes more violent, especially if I leave bodies lying on the floor. Do you think the chances of getting featured in AppStore because of increased violence would be decreased? And which do you think is better for a casual mobile game - leave bodies lying on the floor or fade them away in a few seconds?

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While I don't know about Apple's policy regarding that, I can offer a sort of middle ground: why not tint the enemies with a color, then fade them, like in the PSX era Final Fantasies? So the order would be, for example, fill the actor's image fully red, then tween its opacity to 0, and after this tween, kill the actor from the scene. That could be a good visual indicator that an enemy was defeated, and would provide a good eye candy for that as well.

As for whether or not leave bodies lying on the floor, that really depends on what you are going for in regards to the style of your game. An "on screen body count" could work if the focus of the game is to kill as many things as you can, for example.
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Thanks for the ideas! I will consider carefully and also try to collect more feedback during beta testing. I added a small GIF with current pixel explosions to the tread beginning. I am thinking maybe this question could be left to players to switch in options:
1. pixel explosion
2. dying animation without leaving a body
3. dying animation with body left behind


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Looks very cool btw!