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Thought it would be fun to discuss the various ideas for games of this little community. This forum is for most part is used to ask questions about problems we run into but I think it may be fun to discuss other topics regarding what exactly we're making in the first place. Whether it be something you're working on, something you'd like to do, or just a random thought share them here!

I personally had an idea for a game in the style of a jrpg only instead of taking turns with an enemy wailing on each other and shifting through a menu of attacks fights with enemies are in the style of a shmup, normal enemies having you engage an enemy wave and exp can be spent on upgrades and different weapons. Still think a one hit kill unless you have a shield would keep all fights interesting.   


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Im wanted to implement in my game battle system similar to that from Chrono Trigger game, is it possible?? And if yes can you give some tips how to do it?? Im will be very appreciate.


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I'm sure it is, probably take a while though... better to post that question in the ask forum.


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Here was my idea for The Poppytales: What will happen if I spent a ridiculous amount of time drawing animations, digitalising them and doing this for hundreds of characters across all of my games so far and combine it into one "non-canon" world. ;) The answer is still maybe a few years away.
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