Total Party Kill - my Ludum Dare 43 entry, sacrifice your friends!


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Ludum Dare page:
Created for Ludum Dare 43 compo in under 48 hours. Theme: Sacrifices must be made

Play on HTML5:
Play on Flash:
Play on Windows desktop:

Your party enters a deep and dark dungeon… but the only way forward is creative use of friendly fire. Sacrifices must be made…

Control 3 different heroes: a knight, a mage and a rogue, use their special abilities and sacrifice your teammates to reach the goal. As long as one hero survives, you complete the level.

    Arrow Keys = Move
    Z = Jump
    X = Use character’s attack
    A and S = Cycle between heroes
    R = Restart a level
    M = Mute music
    N = Mute Sounds


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Ludum Dare 43's voting is over and results are in! Total Party Kill reached the 1st place in Overall AND Theme categories, plus 2nd place in Fun! This was my first LD in ages and I didn’t expect it to go this well! Thank you so much everybody!

Check out the extended post-compo version with bugfixes, polish and more levels at Newgrounds:


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Congratulations!!! Such nice news to hear at the start of the new year. Keep up with doing the great work!


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i liked how many puzzles you got out of such simple mechanics, nice level design