Camera Scroller Extension


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Camera Scroller
Works on iOS, Android, Flash, Windows and Mac.

Hello. This is my first extension and I hope it can be useful. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Following the template:

Q: What does this extension do?
A: It allows for 'camera dragging' like you do with mobile pages on your phone. It is primarily intended for mobile apps, but should work on any platform. It has a smoothing effect and should feel natural to use.

Q: Why is it useful?
A: I haven't seen a similar extension and after I made it, it seemed quite nice to me.

- Camera scrolling by drag-and-dropping the screen
- Camera smoothing (it keeps moving for a bit after you finish scrolling
- Intuitive usage

Get it

- Download this Extension
- Sample Project

(How to Install and Update an Extension)


To use camera scrolling, you first need to Initialize it (only once per scene!).

Use this block to start the camera scrolling.
After using this block, you are good to go! Camera scrolling should be enabled.
You can choose which axis you want to scroll, Horizontally, Vertically, Both or none (you can change it later).
You can also choose if you want smoothing or not (you can change it later).

Disable/Enable Camera Drag
Use these blocks to enable or disable camera drag, on any axis.
NOTE: Do not use Initialize more than once per scene! If you want to enable or disable scrolling on any axis, use these blocks.

Disable/Enable Camera Smoothing
Enable or disable camera drag smoothing with this block. I think it's pretty straight forward.

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Awesome.. great job.. ill test it when i can


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Nice extension and nice documentation. Thank you very much.

Downloaded and installed.

I'm spanish, excuse me for my bad English.
I'm not a private teacher. Please, post your questions in the public forum.


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@squeeb Definitely test it and give some feedback! If you find any bug, post it here!

@LIBERADO Thanks! I forgot to add an icon, I will add it later.


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Seems awesome does it support 4.0 ?


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Seems awesome does it support 4.0 ?
Works for me.
It's a really awesome extension :)
However, one problem I have when testing on Android, is that the camera jumps around when using two fingers on the screen. So if you have one finger on the screen and then press a random place with another, the camera will instantly jump to a different location.
Other than that, I really like how the scrolling and camera smoothing feels.