Soultrail Saviour [WIP]


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Gametype: Plattformer with RPG elements
InGame Art: Pixel (by Konz)
Focus: Story and challanging gameplay

Our story (shortform): The protagonist looses his beloved one but instead of her beeing dead her soul stays stuck between life and death and appears him as a ghost. Our protagonists aim is to cleanse his beloved ones ghost so she finally can find peace. To reach his task he applies for the Order of the Soultrail Saviours who cleance those souls stuck between life and death. The only way to cleanse the soul of his beloved one is to find what holds her soul bound to earth. (do we post the ending of our stories? I mean it'd be somewhow a spoiler, as sad one.)

You can see the Introscene, providing the story, when you click on the image:

The worldmap includes 10 areas wich you can enter. (map WIP)
click the image for fullsize worldmap

First game mechanics trailer is online (click on image)

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These lousy midi can annoying you.

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This Intro is finally done with around 3-4 minutes playtime, just to get the storyplot. The beginning is partially built with cutscenes and is partially playable.

After that it's time to hit the worldmap. This is the first version I came up with. The buildings are clickable to enter the stage / map. The space scrolls and includes all  real star signs from the 12 month horoscope.

click the image for fullsize worldmap

Let me know what you think.

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Go to Youtube to see the Worldmap 60% done with animations

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

How i got it:

[flash=640,480]] Just add the "[" to close the bracket at the end. Coming along nicely.


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Allright community, I had some troubles with stencyls, better said Javas, max memory usage. Took me a while to fix this, demotivated on continuing the work. For me trhe tutorial on how to fix the problem didn't work, the file to replace in stencyls install folder is a pure text file so I can't use it to launch stencyl with a higher RAM.

Anyways, I've finished the raw foregrounds and backgrounds for the forest maps. Here you can see 3 hours fastforwarded withing 5 minutes. And the final result. Details for the back- and foreground will follow later and of course the tileset is still a placeholder.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>