Input Lag / Trigger Sounds with Controller?


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I play live music and I want to trigger sounds from a game controller with close to real time response.

Is this possible using Stencyl?

I could deal with 10-20 ms of latency but what I'm getting is closer to a 16th note and at some tempos it makes playing the controller very non-musical and inaccurate. My sounds are defined as Sound Effects, not Music, I'm publishing to Desktop, the gamepad is plugged directly into a usb port, not a hub, the gamepad is mapped accurately, and my samples do not have any pre-roll(blank sound beforehand).

 I've attached the main scene's code. Any advice is appreciated.

I know its not what Stencyl was made for but this has been bugging me and I can't figure it out. I want to take this a lot further if it works. Thanks in advance everyone!