Using Date extension to build Timer?


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I have seen many older post back in 2011 talking about how to build a Timer into the game the will calculate for out of game time. i want to give the player lives and coins every 4 hours. it would be great for events too. the new blocks from the date extension seems it would be easy-  i follower the directions by DOM but he said there would be other directions avail- but the help button runs to a dead end. so the longer version of the blocks are the top of the Screenshot- it ends with trigger event resetdaily- this did not work- the short block is lower down which is just 2 lines- get current second at the 28 sec mark and trigger event-  this does work and will create a chest or add time at the 28 second mark- however the numbers are crazy- if i have time 100 and i say set addtime to +1 then it changes my addtime from 100 to 1. if i say set addtime to addtime + 1. the it adds 6000. same with the chest it will spawn a box at the 28sec mark but boxes are supposed to give 1 to 3 items- the chest is giving hundreds of items- if anyone has a screen shot of how to run a event timer using the date extension please help. thanks

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