Is there a way to take a tile from a tileset and use the img for an actor?


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I'm using the dungeon kit and I wanted to make another actor that looks like a wall tile.
But I can't seem to copy the image.
I also can't find where the actual tileset .png is so I could just pull the image from there.

As a last resort I can just try and recreate the img myself but for learning purposes I would like to know if there is a way to pull the img from a tileset to use as the img for an actor.


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copy paste usually works but i also often just go into the ressoucr folder.
Depending on where you set it up (check preferences) i should be somewhere like this:



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Thank you Bombini! I found the tileset png with your help.
I don't how to get copy paste to work so I'll just pull the img from the tile set to create a new one.

Your information also pointed out that I need to change the location of these files. the C drive is my SSD. Need to keep only the bare essentials on there.