Spine2D - Performance Question

Hey All!

I have a question about the Spine2D extension (@robinschaafsma)...

I have a character in my mobile game which is broken into multiple pieces 8 ways (roughly 30 - 50 images). I eventually want to incorporate character customization, where the player can switch between different types of characters through the store (character skins). What would be the best approach for this?

A - To have all images in the one Spine2D skeleton. Doing it this way though, I'm afraid that it will lag like crazy when moving the character around and loading each image when needed.


B - Having multiple Spine2D skeletons which will act as each character skin.

Bear in mind that the character also has unique death animations (squished, sliced in half, electrocuted, etc.), so I would also have to have image skins which accommodate for these deaths as well.

The character will only change between skins when the game first loads and chooses which skin the player has chosen (similar to the custom jet pack system in Jetpack Joy-Ride).

Any advice on mobile optimization would be amazing!