Interesting MP3/OGG Discovery [EXPLAINED]


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Something interesting happened when I changed my game from Flash into HTML5.
Since I didn't have any of the OGG files ready, I imported a dummy OGG files (random selected OGG I had from a previous game).
I intended to use these placeholder OGG sounds just for testing, until we convert all the MP3 into OGG in Audacity.
So now when I had both green check marks ticked (see picture below), I tested the HTML and thought it would play some random placeholder sounds.
But it did not! - It plays all the proper sounds, just like they are MP3.
I am not sure would this also work when published for PC or mobile, but as HTML works without having each individual OGG file created. I tried both locally and uploaded to a Flash game portal, works both in Chrome and Firefox.

I still suppose we should convert all the MP3 files into OGG manually and replace the placeholder sounds just in case...
This is not a real question, but I thought it might best fit in this board. Please move elsewehere if needed.

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For HTML5, MP3 does not play in all browsers, and OGG does not play in all browsers.  Therefore, full browser support in HTML5 requires both formats.


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Ohh! I get it. Thanks!!!


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Ah interesting, i didn't know different browsers use different formats.