SOLVED: weapon behavior, collision.


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trying to make a weapon behavior, i realize there is a few ways to do this;

1. use multiple single frame animations and call them one at a time to create per frame swing collision..endless animation extension i believe would achieve something like this? not sure if its still functional but the theory should apply.

2. spawn a dummy actor with the weapon swing collision at the actor and then kill it, not sure exactly how this one works.

3. spawn a short range bullet that acts as a sword, i believe ive seen this in-game before, it can look really interesting for certain games but not really what im trying to achieve.  "a curved bullet in the shape of a sword swipe"

so in conclusion, trying to achieve a sword strike, orthographic, angled top down view. i tried simply adding a collision to my attack animation frame, but as many of you know the collision will not be very sword like and play on the first frame of the attack animation..i feel like frame by frame collision "option 1" would be the easiest/best but eh, any opinons or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Another option would be to check if the enemy is within a certain distance when the attack takes place. Then you don't need to deal with collision shapes or additional actors.  You'd also need to check that you're facing the enemy.

The Easy Math extension has useful blocks for this kind f thing.


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thanks amillion for the help, im gonna think on this for a few minutes and update


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I would create a dummy actor at the time of strike.   Then just go into debugging mode and tweak the dummy actor as needed.


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Hey decafpanda, thanks, i did exactly as you suggested, i used the "side scroller attack" behavior on forge to get a basic idea of how this behavior works, not sure ifs its the style of collision im gonna go with, but its fine for my initial tests.

Going to build some more collision behaviors and see which i like the best for my project, marking this solved for now.