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Thanks -  I've added this to the todo list. I think when I added the trees I didn't scale them down to x4 - silly really as I did it with the rest of the actors.

After a bit of testing I've locked down the time trial game. This part of the game was just an offshoot of the main game but I noticed people were playing this before the challenge game. This becomes unlocked once you have played the challenge game.

The game should be live on android/ios/amazon by the weekend hopefully. I've dug out my old android device but can't seem to test it as my device isn't supported. If anyone is able to check that it is working on this OS that would be great?


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Keeps crashing on Android a few seconds after opening.

EDIT: The music plays and I can see the main screen but after around 3 seconds it just quits.

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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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Thanks. Seems stable on iOS. I’ll get myself a better android phone and do some testing!