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Thanks -  I've added this to the todo list. I think when I added the trees I didn't scale them down to x4 - silly really as I did it with the rest of the actors.

After a bit of testing I've locked down the time trial game. This part of the game was just an offshoot of the main game but I noticed people were playing this before the challenge game. This becomes unlocked once you have played the challenge game.

The game should be live on android/ios/amazon by the weekend hopefully. I've dug out my old android device but can't seem to test it as my device isn't supported. If anyone is able to check that it is working on this OS that would be great?


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Keeps crashing on Android a few seconds after opening.

EDIT: The music plays and I can see the main screen but after around 3 seconds it just quits.

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Thanks. Seems stable on iOS. I’ll get myself a better android phone and do some testing!


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So it’s been a year since I got my stencyl subscription and Apple developer account. My stencyl subscription has run out and my Apple one is due this Wednesday. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using stencyl and getting to know how to put a game together for an app launch has been eye opening, the amount of work involved is incredible, especially if you are to do it right. I think for a hobby it is hard to justify paying over £250 on stencyl subscription and Apple developer account. The amount of downloads for my app is just a couple of hundred over 2 months. And after reading Colin lanes tweets on his latest launch it sounds even hard for indie devs to get a foothold in the market. I will be looking into developing more web based games so in the near future I can see myself re subscribing to stencyl but not sure about the mobile market? The hoops needed to jump through to launch an app can be soul destroying and almost takes all the fun out of the process. Especially if you have an hour or so a day in between juggling a full time job and family commitments.  Trying to launch on android was the most frustrating part, I just never launched my app correctly and it kept crashing!  Thanks if you downloaded my app and hope to be back again in the future soon  with another stupid idea


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With a bit of extra time on my hands recently I thought I would update how the game proceeded.

After getting little to no traction on either android (incredibly buggy), iOS - no real interest and amazon appstore (this was the easiest appstore to deploy to) I thought I should persist a little with getting the game out there but in a different format. HTML5

So I proceeded to set up accounts and post the game on the following websites in July 2019. No real strategy - just put up in lots of different places and see what happens.

GameJolt - 24 views - 53 views
Newgrounds - 857 views
Superwerer - 43 views
ArcadeSpot - 1565 views
CrazyGames - 8351 plays

CrazyGames was the only place that was offering any kind of revenue and initially the game did quite well but now only trickles in a few pennies a day.

A few days after posting the game in a few places I then got an email from AddictingGames who wanted to upload the game to their site. Received a half-decent sum for the game too so was delighted! Currently it has 4938 plays.

So here is what I learned.
Given my limited skillset and drawing skills I will stick to producing HTML5 games for the time being. It is more straightforward
and although I learned a lot uploaded to the iOS App Store I never worked out why uploading to android never worked.
Producing games for HTML5 meant I worked more on the game development. When my mindset was geared towards app development I spent longer on uploading and troubleshooting to get the app to the store, uploading to HTML5 sites was far easier!!


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Newgrounds and Kongregate are rating-based so games can get a lot of plays there if they're rated well (generally 3.5 or higher).