Steel Seraph 1.6.1 updated (November 25)


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Cool name, never stupid.


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Windows, Linux and Mac updated to 1.6.1. Version may still show as 1.6.0, an admitted oversight.

1.6.1 Changes:

At the fringes of scenes without direct transitions to other scenes, the game prompts (Map) for Fast Travel, as a reminder of how to zone between distant locations. If Map is prompted this way, map level is set to 3 (whole-world) immediately.

Tumble dodge tool only has normal startup (0.1 seconds) instead of 0.2.

Key button prompts are now -specific- to the controller type.

Game now prompts (Repeater) for talking to NPCs you're in proximity to.

Added balloons to all characters capable of granting and clearing objectives.

1.7.0 will be about expanding act 4's content, something initially planned for 1.6.1 but not fully ready.


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Do you want to share some numbers? How is the game doing?