Any tips or ideas on my project?


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I want to ask what are your first impressions about this project. Anything to improve to make it look better?
There's no sound for now. And only one stage available. The rest is coming.


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Well, it's a good start!  :D
Why not just let the player tap anywhere on the screen to turn the character instead of a button?
One easy thing to improve the overall "juicyness" is to use the "grow" block while turning the character instead of switching the animation.
Try to stay with the main animation on the right and when you need to turn the character to the left use the "grow" block and don't change the animation, something like:
"Grow actor to -100 w 100 h in 0.25 sec normal in/out".
And you can do the same when you need to turn right, just use use 100 instead of -100 w:
"Grow actor to 100 w 100 h in 0.25 sec normal in/out"
The overall effect is paper mario style.
By the way just implementing the audio will improve the game a lot!
You can use bfxr to make simple sound effects.
keep up the good work!

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Hi corbanwolf,
it is promising and feels fresh! Some thoughts:

Having to press the "back" button after winning a level does not feel great. Let me play either the enxt level on click or add another button to have two (Main Menu, Next Level)

You show the "down" button already in level 1 and 2 but i think i cant use them yet. Just dont show the button yet.

The game feels fresh but it needs to be more difficult/have fail states to be more fun. Either you add killing obstacles like spikes where i have to use the controls wisely and/or you add a timer to each level. The levels are short and quick. Restarting a lot times to gte the perfect run will be part of the fun. Dont be shy to kill the palyer or let her/him loose.

Btw:  I could not pass level 3. i did not understand how to use the second elevator.

Please contionue to work on it :)