[Solved] Spine2D Extension - Create new [SpineAsset] issue

Hey All,

I have a question about choosing your spine asset...

A player can chose any character they wish, and based on their choice, it will use a NEW json file with a different name (i.e. different spine).

My question is; how do I update the "Create new [Spine]..." automatically when the player changes to a different spine character?

I see that it uses the actual name of the 'anything' attribute rather than the value, so I cannot use other attributes to as a substitute.

I've also tried using the "get actor value [attribute] for [self]" block, but it doesn't seem to work either.

Is there anyway I can do this correctly and efficiently?

P.S. all spine .json files use the same animations (i.e. "idle", "attack", "left", etc.)



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So I've managed to fix it.

Basically just used a game attribute instead, and it turned out that my spine export has some errors on it so it didn't export correctly (missing textures, hidden slots, etc.)

Cheers anyway :)


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Sorry, didn't see this question. Yes, use a game attribute that you can set to something else. An alternate path is just have an if/otherwise section.

if choice = 1
     create spine1
otherwise if choice = 2
     create spine2