Stencyl 90 memory bug


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I'm working on a big game where the actor has a lot (around 30) animations, the bug pops up almost immediately after I click on him to edit his behaviour. I googled but the instructions were either outdated (from 2012) or unclear (put stencyl.bat into your stencyl folder... where in the folder?). I'd appreciate any help on the matter :)


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I get this 90 percent again on stencyl 4.x now also.. not using a batch file like i did with 3.4.. anyone have an idea?


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put the file - stencyl-2gb or 4gb, whatever you downloaded in program filesx86/stencyl .. then run the .bat file to use stencyl instead of the stencyl.exe
if you only have 4gb of ram use the stencyl-2gb file, if you have more ram use the stencyl-4gb.bat file
this allows java to use more ram