New to Stencyl and can't use anything due to missing tileapi


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I am brand new to Stencyl. I want to make a platformer so I downloaded the games/levels from Stencylforge to learn this, but when I open them I get a popup that says that tileapi is missing and there is a lot of missing things in the behaviors. How can I get tileapi and add it to the level.

Levels in question is the Demo Platformer series

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You can't really rely on things from Stencylforge. It's been discontinued so anything there might only be compatible with a much earlier version of Stencyl.

Try the crash course instead:


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Thank you. Do you know of any more-in-depth articles or tutorials may be?


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start with something very simple, as Jeffrey said don't rely on stencyl forge the only way to learn is trial and error, sometimes you feel like your hitting a brick wall but when you get past that, you get better at understanding how stencyl "works"
don't give up, in 12 months you'll appreciate the power of stencyl and understand what you can do
tutorials are on youtube but only to do specific things like pick up object, jump, move etc.... none really for a whole game setup