Thief of Vallas (StencylJam 18 Version)


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T h i e f   o f   V a l l a s

(Windows coming soon...)

Thief of Vallas is my entry for Stencyl Jam 18. It's a remake of the very first game I made with Stencyl (back in 2013!)

The game was the first appearance of Marika, from Temple of Idosra and Towers of Vallas. At the time, I didn't have a backstory. The game was an offshoot of another project, but that's a story for another day.

Marika wasn't a thief, and until the GB Jam, there wasn't a "Vallas". I have a backstory in mind now, so this game would fit into the timeline after my GBJam game (Towers of Vallas). I'd like to come back to it at some point. I should finish the isometric game first, but this one was fun to work on. I'll get around to writing a postmortem soon.

I gave Marika her original appearance, but not much else from the original game really fits the new "canon". The original game had ghosts and skeletons. I did keep the brick-and-stone architecture, though.

The full game would probably have 6 - 8 levels. I just made one--the tower level--because it best fits the theme.

Outside Assets used:
Music -- DST (
Platforming behaviors pack --

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