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Hello everyone, I do not know where to put this topic, so please excuse me if it is not in the right place.

I would like to find a way to access under Stencyl data returned by the microphone and possibly the webcam. This would be to do real-time data processing (voice recognition and visual recognition).

What would be the most effective method? Is there an extension? Can a programmer wring me?

Thank you for your answers.


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Hello Jo3m,

There are some extensions to access the camera :

I'm not sure but I gues the HTML Mobile Extension can be used to access the webcam.

For voice and visual recognition there is nothing on HaXe (multiple platforms) as far as I know. I've searced for it and couldn't be found.
There might be specific things for JavaScript, Flash or Windows but that need to be converted to HaXe extension and that is a lot of work.
Propably it will not be fast enough to do anything with  it on mobile.

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Thank's for answer.