App scaling issue


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So I've created a game at 480 x 320 to be turned into an app

In the mobile display settings I have selected "Landscape". App type = universal.

In scale mode I have used "Scale to fit(Full screen) - which is the recommended on the help page.

Here are the results below. Can anyone suggest how I would get the same look on an iPad as an iPhone? Or is it worth setting the App Type to be iPhone only? Does this make a difference if an app is for iPhone only rather than universal? Last question - or is easier to extend the scene width?

Funny thing is it looks the way it should on an iPad rather than an iPhone...

iPhone screenshots Vs iPad screenshots

Any help would be great.


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Try using these blocks  :)


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I've had a play around with the scaling issues I'm experiencing, but the code block doesn't seem to be working.  There is a big old gap at the right that shouldn't be there! Here is what I've done - any help would always be welcome! John

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So I decided to use the Code blocks attached to make it as uniform as I can across different devices. To combat the problem of having a gap at the side of the screen I just extended the width of the scene


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I would say always make the apps universal. Looks like you worked it out though, placing things based on screen height and width is the way to go. Depending on how detailed you want to get, you may also have to make some adjustments specific to the iPhone X devices.


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The work I did this morning looked ok on the iPhone X emulator in my Mac. I suppose the feedback from testing would provide a more informative picture. Thanks for the advice.