Taptic Feedback iOS

Max Finch

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  I've created an extension for an upcoming game of mine I'm sharing here.


Impact Feedback with styles: Light, Medium, and Heavy
Perfect for collisions involving characters and such

Selection Feedback
Great for sliders of sorts or certain buttons, Apple emphasizes not spamming taptics.

Great idea to view their human guidlines for haptics!

Download Here: http://maxrfinch.com/wp-content/uploads/taptic.zip

Max Finch

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Some additional things to note:

- Works only on certain iOS devices. I think only iPhone 7 and up.
- Only works if the player has haptics enabled in settings
- iOS monitors battery with this feature and only plays when there's enough battery available

Also this extension is missing notification haptics. May add this later or leave it to someone else


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Extension sounds amazing.  :) Unfortunately, I'm getting a 404 error when I follow the download link.