HTML5 version of game not playing correctly


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Hi all,

I created a mathionaire game. The flash version on the link below works

However, as soon as I converted the game to html5, the game has been acting out.
The html5 version of it is found in the link below.

I did nothing else except converting to html5. This is strange!


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I don't know why flash is working while html5 isn't but I think the issue is that the next question is also reacting the same click as the current one.

So try clearing the current question and wait a second before presenting the next one.
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How did you code detection of the correct answers?


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Adobe flash is dying being confirmed,
html5 may not be dying, why?

just let another person says html5 is dying
then being confirmed just okay


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How did you code detection of the correct answers?

I used the code when the actor is killed.