Actor crawling on walls and platforms


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I have the manual event for moving not the behavior because it moves smoother in my case but with this comes a problem
The actor can climb on walls and basically the levels are cheatable.
I tried the 0 friction that other people said but it didnt work for me.

Please help


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Took me a while to get it to work with 0 friction for me too, but trust me, it works.
When you set the friction to 0, the actor slides, right? As if they're on ice?

My character uses right, left and down to move around.
Here's the code that stops them from sliding, on the attachment.

Also, if your character can jump, you should think of the possibility of not allowing them to exploit the jump. As in, instead of jumping, they either float or can double jump, triple jump, etc.
This super quick tutorial may help on that>>

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