Come join my team! Welcoming all levels.


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Making a team from all backgrounds.

Willing to teach and willing to learn.
Looking to eventually start projects of varying sizes.

Add me on discord: sadinhd#4704

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This is assuming that you are the designer since you specifically say "three projects". How much input are you expecting and/or allowing from the other team members for the direction of the project?

Is this paid or profit sharing?
What are your expectations for time each day/week/month?
What is/are the project timeline(s) (time for prototyping, alpha, beta, and full release)?
Will game design documents be provided?
Will milestone tasks be assigned (using some sort of project management tool)?


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I’m not gonna pretend to be some big time game maker.
If you love or enjoy coding and you’re looking to work in a group, come join me.
All levels are welcome. All ages welcome.
I’m willing to teach any newcomers the basics  or at least point them in the right direction, please don’t be scared.

But to answer your questions.

✔️ This is not a paid gig. You wanna work with a group join my discord.
✔️You’re not obligated to do anything at all. Stress free. You come when you can.
✔️No timelines set.
✔️No game design. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of game ideas but this isn’t about me. No project(s) have been selected, the group will come up with an idea together
✔️No milestones but if the team believes milestones are appropriate  to add they would be.

A lot of these questions the TEAM will answer together not just one person so the answers to these questions will change over the course of time.

I’m looking to band together a group of unique minded individual.
Don’t miss a chance at joining a group from the ground up. You’ll have a voice here. I promise.

People are scared of different, I say we stop hiding and rock their world!

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