Need some help please... Tired of reinnstalling an old scene. get error working


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Hey People,

Been working on this game for a while now.  Same issues. Hoping 4.0 will soon have its update.  However I read certain foruimns had some replies and still not getting it. Trying to be thorough this time....    In the beginning when 4.0 arrived. I made a back up file for 3.4 to switch to 4.0.1.  I was still learning a lot back in therefore some actors I bought may have downsized to 4x . those pictures was big. There's also characters I made that are 1x. This first scene I created I call Beach Cave 0.  When I Uploaded to 4.0.1 , I would work on this scene. I would play it and everything would save good. When I exit out the scene created and doulble click on my scene again, it would read a error. So I can't work on it anymore.  So I would go to the stencil works folder, go to scenes, delete that file scene, and copy and paste another of the same file scene, from another back up scene folder in a previous game. (Same game  different back up game folder in stencyl works) (The folder is Scenes).      Then I can now work on that scene, sadly having to replace my actors again.
However, eventually the error happens again. Can't work on my seen anymore. So I took the time to type this error in my notepad to copy and paste it here...……….
Could not parse "". Defaulting to : 0.0. Stencyl.core.snippet.IVariable.getRealValue (line: 257)
Unexpected problem on thread AWT-EventQueue-0: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsExeption: Index 5, Size: 0
Theres also another error that shows Line:231
When I look in the Stencyl Works folder I do not see a Line to 257, 231.
 My conclusion is ….. There are actors that I can place in the game that I can see but the game scene cannot read. I'm not sure if its actors or tiles, but I'm finally done with my tutorial mechanics.  And I would like to finish placing the actors in the cave scene. I hope someone could help Just incase heres a log. Also to be more thorough I had made a back up file and then clean up my game and reinstalled images that was 4x to 1x after shrinking them down to my liking in Inkscape to save memory in Stencyl.

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Have you checked out the thread below, it sounds like it could be the same error.,58331.0.html