Is it possible, Stencyl and Visual Studios?


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Hello to whom it may concern,

   I was browsing on Stencyl, Tools and notice that in Tools under External IDE, there it shows reinstall visual studios. When I seen that, it had me thinking, and I was wondering is it possible to take a walking behavior I created and saved on Stencyl, and import it onto Visual Studios to see the C# coding aspects of it? if so, could someone please tell me how to do that or a site where to learn that at please?

thank you


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The source code Haxe generates can be found in games-generated/(game)/export/(platform), and then some variant. For example, continue on to /obj/src to find the .cpp C++ code generated for desktop build (Linux--not sure if Win or Mac will be the same).

Readability isn't high on the priority list of the generated source code.


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