System Requirements of my Game


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Is there a program that can tell me what the minimum/recommend systems specks are for my game?


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I think you to test unfortunately.
Merrak posted and interesing post regarding checking performance:


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I'm not aware of any program that measures performance and compares it to what popular machines are capable of handling. Storage and RAM are easy to measure. You can measure how much disk space your game in games-generated takes, and use hxScout or some other profiler to see the most memory used at any point while the program was running.

CPU and graphics are harder to pin down. Out of curiosity I looked up a few requirement listings. Some used clock speed, but that can be misleading. Some processors may have a lower clock speed, but are more efficient per clock cycle. You can list one processor that works, and let people gauge if there's is better. I think we've hit the point where processor speed isn't the big bottleneck in computer performance. GPU performance, memory speed, etc., are also important. I don't think the average user will have these stats readily available, though. For instance, I can tell you I have DDR4 memory, but I couldn't tell you the memory clock speed off the top of my head.

Here's what I do. I watch the CPU % usage for whatever thread is running the game. On my computer, the max one thread can claim is around 12%, so if I see my game runs around 3% to 4%, I figure I'm good to go. I also have a much older laptop (2012 budget, bottom-of-the-line HP) to test on. If I needed to list a minimum CPU, I'd just list that processor.

If my game runs borderline full speed, around 12% CPU usage, then I think finding the right system requirement is the wrong approach. Instead, I need to make the code faster.

More insight:

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