Drawing a line at an angle


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I would appreciate any help on this, my brain is too tired to get this right.

I want to draw a line from a set starting point on screen (eg, 320,240) for 100 pixels at an angle of 36degrees

i can't see a code block to do the angle part...?

i suspect i need to calculate the end point first then draw a line to it directly
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You can calculate it manually with existing blocks but there's extensions that can make life easier.

Easy Math extension or Drawing Utilities extension.
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For reference, your x and y points would be (if I'm not mistaken):
X= Radius*Cos (Angle)= 100*Cos (36)
Y= Radius*Sin (Angle)= 100*Sin (36)

And you'd add that to your starting position. But as JeffreyDriver said, you can use those extensions for this and other stuff.
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