Make an actor appear on screen in a fixed position...


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..when another actor is in motion.

So I'm tweaking a game that I put on the App Store, didn't get much traction, but thought I would endeavour to finish it to the best of my abilities..

I'm playing around with AIM/SHOOT/RETRY behaviour.

When the player kicks the ball the camera follows the ball which is fine. However, I want a "Retry" button to appear when the ball has been kicked. I require this "Retry" button to stay in the same place on screen, regardless of where the ball is in motion, so the player can choose to retry before the ball has landed or stopped moving.

Currently the Retry button appears in the place I want when it is unhidden but it doesn't move when with the camera does. It appears as a static actor in place when I want it to be always in the bottom right of the screen. I have tried a few scenarios to make it work, using a while loop just crashes the game! Here is the code I have used in the updating section of level 1.

..The other option I've read up is using the anchor code block. However, everytime I use it just hides the actor.

Any help would always be greatly appreciated!



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Set it to X of camera + screen width - width of actor
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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Thanks Jeffrey - works just I want it to now!